Nothing but Bliss with my HUNK

Nothing but Bliss with my HUNK
Meet the love of my life + 8 children 3 grandkids

Sunday, November 27, 2011

WOW how time flies...

SO EXCITING... Today was a New beginning for mE and my Wonderful Husband Bob known as the HUNK... Another dream of ours has come to LIFE... Hunk is a Artist and mE a Jewelry Maker and Purse Lover... Hunk  is a graphic designer for several magazines and recently opened up an Art Studio in the City of Placentia called The Art Place... I on the other hand several years ago had a Women's Boutique in the City of Brea called Love Designs...When we first met almost three years ago we talked about how someday we would love to get ourselves a little mo-home and hit Farmers Markets and Art Shows  peddling all our goodies... GUESS WHAT... Today it happened... We started off at 7:30am first stopping for my coffee then heading down the yellow brick 57 freeway in Orange County to our first of many... Yes the Irvine Great Park Farmers Market...  It had been so long since I had done a market I was not planning on to much... More or less thinking this was a test run... Well well well much to my surprise we had such a blast and made money doing it... Watch out O.C. here we come... Would love to see you all there... Every Sunday rain or shine at 9am to 3pm... Lots of Great Goodies, Great Vendors, Live Music and yes Food Trucks... Come along for the ride... A YEE HA HA... mE

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