Nothing but Bliss with my HUNK

Nothing but Bliss with my HUNK
Meet the love of my life + 8 children 3 grandkids

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Living in the Kitchen... lol...

Good Morning ALL... Working soooo hard to provide you with Sparkle... I just realized that I do not not have any of my Jewelry on here... I will be posting next week some of my BLING... As I will be getting ready to do the O.C. Bridal and Brea Bridal Show... I am so blessed to be able to get back to doing what I LOVE... Well got to run... Have the 3rd Saturday of the Month tonight which means All Hunk and my kids and other family over for dinner... Somewhere around 25... Yes, you heard me right and I am cooking over 10pds of meatballs for my speget so I better go... Enjoy your DAY... Becuz Living in the Moment is the only way to be... mE

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