Nothing but Bliss with my HUNK

Nothing but Bliss with my HUNK
Meet the love of my life + 8 children 3 grandkids

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hunk and I celebrated our Valentines

Surprise, Surprise... Hunk gave us a Valentines present this morning...
Yep to Marcella's Rejuviating Spa we went... What a treat!!!
How well He knows mE... I needed it...
Now Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to working in the Studio I go...
Blog YOU ALL soon...


  1. <3 Your blog looks SOOOOO GOOD! <3
    Im in love with the first 2 purses... Put your prices on so people can order...and are you signed up to have your customers pay you by paypal???

    1. and love the pic of you and your hunk! <3